How we help

The fastest and most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and negative environmental effects due to air conditioning is to improve the efficiency of existing systems, sounds simple enough, right? For decades the only technology available was to use solvents to breakdown the surface tension of the oil in the system in an attempt to increase heat transfer,[…]

The Results Are In

The graph shows “before and after” results of a fuel consumption test conducted on a new 2013 Jaguar XF. The test measured fuel consumption at idle with the a/c off and again with the a/c on to see how much affect the a/c system had on fuel consumption. ArcticBlast was added to the vehicle. After 500 miles the[…]

Arctic Blast is environmentally friendly

ArcticBlast™ is an eco-friendly product specifically designed to improve the refrigerant already installed in your vehicle. By improving the refrigerant you make the entire air conditioning system more efficient giving you faster cooling, greater comfort and even lower fuel consumption. ArcticBlast™ has the technology, guaranteed to improve both the performance and efficiency of the air[…]