July 3, 2016


Marine Industry

Cooling a Yacht or Ship has always been a challenge. In climates with high temperatures and warm water temperatures, cooling any vessel is almost impossible, and often a daily struggle.

Marine air conditioning systems provide more than just comfort aboard a vessel. In fact, the right cooling system, working correctly can make all the difference. The safety and comfort of all on board is always a top priority. The right HVAC system can also reduce humidity levels and help protect the interior finishes and fabrics throughout the vessel.

One of the fastest and most cost effective way improve comfort levels, reduce the cost of cooling and reduce overall ownership expense is to improve the efficiency of the HVAC systems already installed. Arctic Blast can improve both the performance and efficiency of most HVAC systems and is recommended by Yachting industry professionals.

Customers that choose Arctic Blast for their vessels will see the following benefits:

  • Faster cooling and cool downs
  • Colder temperatures
  • Lower humidity levels
  • Lower cost of operation*
  • Best overall value*
  • 100% satisfaction

Cooling issues are rated among the most common complaint from boat owners. Many owners are faced with incredible expense in an effort to upgrade or replace existing systems. Many systems are needlessly replaced in an effort to improve cooling. With Arctic Blast you now a different choice. Choose the latest technology and simply improve the system already installed. If the HVAC system is working correctly and not in need of repair, installing Arctic Blast may be the right choice for you.

Marine air conditioning systems have their own unique challenges and short comings. Don’t pass up the opportunity to improve system efficiency, and overall performance. Together they go a long way in making any voyage more enjoyable.

*Cost of operation claims are based on reduced energy consumption by the HVAC system.
*Best overall value to improve system efficiency versus replacing entire HVAC system.
**Many factors including year, model and vessel size and overall mechanical condition effect results.