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The fastest and most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and negative environmental effects due to air conditioning is to improve the efficiency of existing systems, sounds simple enough, right?

For decades the only technology available was to use solvents to breakdown the surface tension of the oil in the system in an attempt to increase heat transfer, but there is a risk. Just like an engine, manufacturers carefully select oils and lubricants to protect internal components including bearings and seals, the only way to ensure proper operation and longevity. Thinning the oil can lead to other serious problems and may lead to costly repairs and even total system failure. This is the old, out dated technology. There is good news, technology has finally evolved. There is a new and exciting way to improve efficiency without the use of hazardous chemicals. The old technology is now obsolete. Arctic Blast gives you as better solution, a real way to improve system efficiency and improve comfort levels too, without any risk to the system or the environment.

Arctic Blast utilizes a different approach, improve the refrigerant already installed in the system. Proprietary technology that can drastically improve the performance of even some of the most advanced refrigerants. Improving system efficiency will give you lower energy consumption, improved comfort levels and save you money, and the results are guaranteed.

Our proprietary technology is based on proven scientific principles, not guess work. With truly non-hazardous, environmentally friendly products, guaranteed results and thousands of extremely satisfied customers; it is east to see why Arctic Blast is changing an industry.

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