June 27, 2016


fuel-gaugeOne of the biggest challenges facing the auto manufacturers today is how to overcome the fuel and energy loss caused by the vehicle air conditioning system. With more vehicles on the road, the increase in traffic congestion, and record high temperatures more and more people are forced to use the air conditioning system almost all the time.

The air conditioning system in a vehicle affects more than just driver comfort; it also affects performance, fuel economy and even safety. In traditional vehicles air conditioning can account for an average loss of 2-4 MPG. In Hybrids this loss can reduce electric range ultimately effecting overall MPG, and in all electric vehicles (EV’s) this loss is measured by reduced vehicle range and battery life.

Manufacturers already know that air conditioning is one of biggest factors effecting MPG. In an effort to meet new regulations and improve overall fuel economy many vehicles today are equipped with an “Eco mode” setting. When selected, the eco mode changes many computer settings, with the most noticeable impact coming from the delays imposed on the air conditioning compressor.

acUnfortunately these changes affect driver and passenger comfort level and not in a good way. The result is that drivers simply decide that the promise of added fuel economy is not worth such significant loss of comfort or performance, and the eco mode is ultimately turned off.

Fortunately Arctic Blast gives you a better solution. Improve the air conditioning system period, enjoy faster cooling, colder vent temperatures and improved fuel economy regardless of the eco mode setting.

Arctic Blast improves even the newest vehicle models, including the worlds most advanced and energy efficient Hybrid and electric vehicles on the market.

A new refrigerant, R1234yf, is now installed in many of the 2015 and later model vehicles. This new refrigerant is believed to be better for the environment but still does not reduce the negative effects that the air conditioning system has on performance and fuel economy. To help address these issues, experts and industry professionals continue to recommend Arctic Blast for use in all new vehicles including vehicles containing the new R1234yf refrigerant.

With the same great benefits, proven energy savings and 100% customer satisfaction it really is an easy choice. 

Arctic Blast gives you:

  • Faster Cooling

  • Colder temperatures

  • Lowest humidity levels

  • Highest mileage*

  • Best overall value

  • 100% satisfaction

Don’t settle for ordinary, upgrade to extraordinary!

*Mileage savings and claims are based on reduced system drag. 

*Many factors effect results including vehicle year make and model and overall mechanical condition.